Return Request

Submit request within 14 days of receipt date. Submissions outside the deadline will not be accepted. Products to be returned must be in a state of resale. Damaged packaging and/or products will not be accepted as returns. Due to hygienic or health reasons, opened packages of hair extensions will not be accepted as returns. Chemical/care/styling fluids and powders whose packaging can be opened will not be accepted for hygienic or health reasons. If they are returned, these products will, in consultation with the sender, be destroyed or returned to the sender, for which an amount of at least 12.50 euros must be paid in advance by the sender for handling and shipping costs. For exchanges, a minimum amount of Euro 9.50 will be charged for our shipping costs. This amount must be transferred before we handle the products to be exchanged. In case of return without exchange, the shipping and administrative costs already incurred by us will be deducted from the credit. The products to be returned must be received by seller within 5 working days after receipt of return address. Returns sent later are not accepted or in consultation with buyer, after payment of shipping and handling costs of € 12.50, returned to buyer. The return request form must be requested in advance.


Problems/complaints regarding hair extensions are judged by the manufacturer IND’O BRASIL; therefore the conditions as described must be strictly observed. 11.1 Complaints about quality must be made in writing within twenty-one (21) days after purchase, clearly stating the complaint. If no defect is reported within this period, all claims against the seller regarding any defect shall lapse. 1.3 In order to resolve the complaint in all reasonableness, the buyer must provide all cooperation to the seller’s request. 11.4 To address the complaint, all products/hair extensions must be returned within thirty days (30) of the purchase date. Products sent after thirty (30) days will not be processed. 11.5 If any doubt about the product arises during treatment, the seller should be contacted immediately and any further treatment stopped. 11.6 Products which have undergone chemical treatment by the buyer such as perms, colors etc are not eligible for warranty examination. 11.9 Seller gives no warranty for wrong use/care of products, as well as by not using the care products advised by seller. 11.10 Seller is not liable for third party labor. 11.11 Return shipment does not guarantee compensation. 11.12 A compensation consists exclusively of the same product as the purchased product and not for any costs incurred to third parties. 11.13 A complaint about which there is a right to be considered under warranty will only be made under warranty if the supplier of the product provides warranty for it, which means that the final warranty decision is made by the supplier, cq products/manufacturer. Vendor is dependent on the vendor’s supplier warranty conditions and vendor cannot be held liable. 11.14 No correspondence can be entered into about complaints that have been filed.

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